Carla Dark

{January 14, 2007}   DIEHARD Diedra.I miss you!



hobbylobby says:

I have to ask… (maybe it’s a boring technical question) but have you wondered about the fact that all your drawings are on the left side of the

very interesting. 🙂

Kayla says:

ummm thats true! also my keyboard has no question marks!…
or periods.hahaha not to mention iam useing an ancient paint
program…hahahah…I put most of my pics on left side cause …
hahahh its a stupid thing.there just no room..if I put text
in…the beginning part of blogg FFFs it all up ..and also
I dont know what iam doing.haahah…my computer is not good..hahah so
I actully dont know what my blogg looks like.Unless I go to
anouther computer to look at it.hahhaha

hobbylobby says:

i see periods in your comments, so you must have a period.
just wondering, do you live in a country that doesn’t ask questions? 🙂

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